mille feuille

ever since i had one in Versailles (the best one i’ve ever had), i’ve been on the hunt for one that is just as good. today…. i found it! i’m in trouble. i made a day of it. in search of that perfectly crisp, sweet, buttery goodness that is the napoleon pastry. i found it,… Continue reading mille feuille


bit of peace. i needed it today. some jazz ala miles and some peace. away from it all today. no calls, no texts, no chats, no nothing. christmas lights plugged in. fan blowing. lone kitty licking its paw. will i last until 62? will i make it to finally say enough. when i travel, i… Continue reading little…


they mailed the ashes when i had arranged to pick up the ashes and use the long drive as closure. i didn’t want him manhandled by ups, thrown around like he didn’t matter. in the bag, i found another’s tag. is it really him in the box? or someone else. they took the peace i… Continue reading stolen


two. 2. lost over 2. months. cancer. slow fast deaths. broken. lost fur. broken. i am.  92. years gone by.  how the world has changed. slow painful deaths everywhere. tired. sleep. is this all it is?   get lost in pink floyd’s animals as you meow. cold. free fluid. i have no tears left.  no more. … Continue reading two