in with the new…

so, i’ve begun running regularly. it’s been pretty darned cold though, so by the time i’m warmed up, my run is over. hopefully, the runs will begin to be less painful and more productive. i’ve whipped out the old schedule. schedules help me keep on track, and show me how far i’ve progressed.

presently, i sit at a starbucks (the evil empire)…but, i’m waiting for my new service to get hooked up (phone and internet). i have to say that it’s been quite refreshing being disconnected. more time to think, read, sleep.

i don’t like writing in public.

still haven’t seen New Moon. did watch Twilight again. (still no tv and now without internet, no net tv either) but hey, i’ve survived. life is possible not being connected 24/7. i don’t miss tv or commercials or the phone ringing at god awful hours. don’t miss it. i look forward to quiet time reading/thinking/napping with the cats.

orangehead is hanging on. she’s on different meds and they seem to be doing the job. she’s eating like a little pig. hopefully, her thyroid levels are regulated with the new dose…i’ll find out in 2 more months. but she seems like her old self (a little thin, but on the whole, still miss in charge)

love that cat.

on a sad note, my niece’s friend’s dog is in renal failure. i believe he is a young dog…so i’m wondering if he got into antifreeze. a sure killer.

people, watch what your sweet pooches lap up off the driveway or street. take care to monitor them…(this means put away the cellphone and take off the iPod and pay attention to where your dog walks and what he puts in his/her mouth). pay attention. disconnect and tune into the immediate surroundings.

it bothers me that i see way too many distracted folks walking thier beloved pets. what they miss, may kill.


i’m tired of being here at the evil empire although i wholly thank them for providing free internet… my email in boxes are full, i’ve got tons of spam to delete, and i needed to renew my nyrr membership.

ciao to all, and to all a wondrous New Year.


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