bit of peace. i needed it today. some jazz ala miles and some peace. away from it all today. no calls, no texts, no chats, no nothing.

christmas lights plugged in. fan blowing. lone kitty licking its paw.

will i last until 62? will i make it to finally say enough.

when i travel, i make it a point to find a sunshine filled spot. i sit still. and i tell myself to remember how it feels for when the moment is gone. i want to be able to go back there in my mind and feel the stillness, the warmth of the sun – at versailles, at the botanical gardens across from the prado, st stephen’s green, moab arches, the promenade by the verrazano, the open window to a florence landscape, park bench by the borghese villa…

those moments, i can all recall. quiet, still, full of warm sunshine and my mortality.

blinds drawn, christmas lights glowing, smooth piano and horn and words tip tapping from my fingers. i am here. i am here. i am here, until i was…

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