second dose…

was a disaster. long line, no 6ft distancing in the cold pouring rain with construction 2 feet away (sidewalk construction)…complete with bulldozers, dump trucks, a pile of dirt, and no room. they had moved the place where i’d be getting my second dose of moderna (me and apparently EVERYONE who received their first dose at the other place). too many people. and the worst part was that there was a 75 yr old woman with her daughter. i sent a formal complaint about the urgent care not letting her cut to the front of the line. it was shameful.

i had made a trip to get that beloved napoleon en route to getting the vaccine. it sat in my car. i hoped i’d parked where i wouldn’t get towed. nyc is tricky that way. signs sometimes are at the other side of the block. so, i always worry especially when i’m in an area i’m not used to.

the wait was horrible. 2 hours in the cold rain. my sneakers were soaked, my jeans were soaked from the calves down. pretty much sucked…but got the dose, waited 12 min….and got outta there.

headed to the store to get water and some groceries. got home, made dinner, and waited for the wave of pain to hit…. and that it did. thursday night was awful and friday was even worse. spent thurs evening to about an hour ago today in bed with frequent bathroom breaks and temp checks – 101.6 was my peak… this am i was 100.4. the body aches were pretty bad, my hip bones and back hurt like hell.

i guess my immune system is robust! music – tracy chapman, suzanne vega, elton john got me through, as did SING (animated movie) and RocketMan and ibuprofen…cause i try to steer clear of tylenol.

i’m wiped.

had breakfast today. had coffee (which helped with the headache). scheduled to go to work tomorrow… feeling about 60 %.

work has been absolutely crazy busy…like i’ve never experienced before…. sometimes up to 15 patients per tech…. too much.

i’ll see how i feel tonight. if i’m still wiped, i’m calling out.

back to bed. thank god i have ms. kitty kat. she’s been a constant companion and has managed to steer clear of the injection site painful swelling (she likes to make biscuits on me)…


  1. I have heard it is different with everybody I am sorry to her you had such bad effects I hope it gets better soon I had Pfizer, second dose give me fever and chills only lasted one day and a nice mid day nap helped it is all for the better I feel vaccines are important

    1. True, vaccines are important. I slept alot and drank lots of water. Felt alot better the next day (sunday) and ended up going to work 🙂

  2. Gosh, what an ordeal! So sorry it was difficult on both ends of the experience. Insult to injury. 🙁 Sure hope you are feeling better…..

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