you cause as much sorrow…

again. you bring out the Jamesons and a small rock glass. and you feel the burn. it’s been a long while. but you seem to always be at my heels. how many times did i sing to myself that it was the last day of our acquaintance – that line hurt so much- i know you don’t love me anymore…. like alcohol on a cut, like a heart pain while it skips beats.. like the cold hard truth when you wake up from a glorious dream where it all works out.

still in my blood, hiding in the mist of my dreams, around every fucken corner, it between bono’s crooning and dubliners…. i hate you, i love you even when i don’t know who you are anymore.

By franny

ny'er, 80's girl, lover of alternative music, bowie, sylvia plath, jd salinger, and and and...


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