out the window…

the schedule went this week. i’ve been fighting a nasty little cold inherited from a co-worker. so, no running, no gym, lots of sleep, cold medicine, and reading.

and now i sit here. listening to Miles’ So What. the gifts that some folks receive…we all benefit from. there are times that Coltrane’s Favorite Things plays on my shuffle while i’m on the subway…and to me, i really equate jazz to the city…any city, but mostly, i guess, nyc. i’ve seen philly, i’ve seen chicago, la, san fran, but jazz is nyc. it’s a little dirty, a little naughty, it’s to the point in a long drawn out way that takes you on a trip and tells you a million and one stories, it’s wordless, it’s faces, expressions, clothing, style, it’s old fancy tile, it’s new shoes and fancy cars, it’s a basketball court humming with a standing room only game…it’s the slice of pizza after the bars, it’s grown-up.

i’ve been a little melancholy these days. i know, i know, what else is new??! found a photo of my parents (it was my Dad’s last christmas). miss him.
it’s still early, only 8:30 pm but it feels like everything is shut down, like all of the streets are empty. of course, i know that they aren’t. it’s just quiet in here…that’s all.


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