mille feuille

ever since i had one in Versailles (the best one i’ve ever had), i’ve been on the hunt for one that is just as good. today…. i found it!

i’m in trouble.

i made a day of it. in search of that perfectly crisp, sweet, buttery goodness that is the napoleon pastry. i found it, bought it then headed to whole foods…. made a nice dinner of pasta and vine tomatoes with fresh garlic, steamed brussel sprouts, a baguette, and yep…splurged on the french butter. having a nice glass of bordeaux now.

i’m calling it self care. yep. self care.

good food, christmas lights, and 90’s soft rock…



  1. Wow, you had a great day. Dinner sounded just as good. I am glad you found what you were looking for and it was good. I hope you have a good weekend. God bless.

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