i’m an alligator…

” i’m a mama papa comin’ for you…” db

it’s been a few years. i sincerely hope he’s rockin’ out somewhere filled with the fantastic.


here i am, sitting here typing this, glass of red wine waiting, rockin’ out to my all time favorite music, with one week of librarianship under my belt.

grateful. how grateful and lucky to have pursued 2 careers and actually achieve my goal of working professionally in both. so, new goals to set:

-Venice… at some point. probably not in sept though, as i’d hoped. but, i will go and see St. Mark’s, drive to near by cities: verona, padova, bologna, ferrara? not sure yet…but I AM GOING – am i’m going to rent a car and drive 🙂

-move out of brooklyn, i love my hood, it’s just too far a commute.

-adopt a cat.

-learn to play drums

-see the milky way again and again while in EUROPE.

-go ice skating this winter…


got my booster shot before starting the new job. it kicked my ass right away unlike the second shot which revved up for half a day before kicking my ass. ole little half dose booster did not wait around and decided to give me fever, wicked body aches, and a headache that decided to be intermittent for a good 48-72 hours.

don’t miss the old job. miss the animals though.


“…ziggy plaaayed guuiitaar…”


By franny

ny'er, 80's girl, lover of alternative music, bowie, sylvia plath, jd Salinger, and mfw even though he is living another life...


    1. I saw the beautiful night sky when I visited France, stayed in little town about 2 1/2 hours west of Rouen. Packed up before sunrise to get a head start on the drive back to Rouen and it was a new moon because when I looked up (the place was in the middle of nowhere so it was pitch black) I was shocked at all the stars and the Milky Way…my first time seeing the sky at it is meant to be. I’ll never forget it. Last saw it on my trip to cherry springs park (dark sky park)in PA. Saw shooting stars and the Milky Way… loved it

  1. I just posted an entry and wanted you to know. I am trying to stay in touch with everyone who is still writing here. I have to say I miss the old days of reading everyone’s diary on here. There was a community. I feel like there could be again. I enjoy your entries. 🙂 Anyway… just saying hi.


  2. I have an email blog friends list. Would you like to be on it and then you’ll get an email when I post. I usually check for new posts right on the DD page when I post, so I should see if you have written something new.
    1999! Wow. I started in 2002. You must be the matriarch of DD now! 🙂
    Anyway if you want to get on the list, send me a private comment. Futurecat just got added. 🙂

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